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HempCare Sport 10 per cent CBD - 10 ml


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In general, athletes, elite athletes and recreational athletes share the same challenge of working with their bodies and training with a goal in mind, despite the pain of pushing limits. More and more athletes are discovering that CBD can help them in various ways, such as reducing pain and inflammation, improving sleep and focus, and restoring balance to the body. Hempcare has therefore developed an enriched CBD product specifically for athletes called CBD Sport. This full spectrum CBD is enriched with specific terpenes from the CBD environment, making it work optimally for athletes.

Hempcare CBD Sport is a pure, full spectrum natural product that contains all the key substances from the hemp plant, including cannabidiol, other cannabiols, terpenes, vitamins, proteins and other substances. Specific terpenes have been added to enrich the base CBD and it has been developed in collaboration with athletes based on their experiences.

The benefits of Hempcare CBD Sport are numerous. CBD can provide relief from inflammatory pain caused by muscle tears or injuries, help strengthen the immune system, suppress anxiety and stress to help the body respond better to training, and improve the quality of sleep for better recovery. It can also help with joint pain, improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to healing muscles, and support muscle growth during the recovery process. However, the results of using Hempcare CBD Sport may vary from athlete to athlete, depending on individual differences in body, lifestyle, training level and more.

The ingredients of Hempcare CBD Sport are hemp seed oil, hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD), myrcreen, beta-caryophyllene, eucalyptol, linalool, A-pinene and humulene. It is important not to exceed the daily maximum of 32 drops, do not use this product during pregnancy or lactation and consult a doctor or pharmacist first if you are taking any medication. Hempcare


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