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Do you want to buy 3CMC crystals? 3CMC Crystals are officially a research chemical that was legal for a long time before Dutch law. Unfortunately, a new law has been passed making research on 3CMC illegal. But not to worry! Because research has shown that the substance 2MMC has almost the same effect, but this is now still a completely legal research chemical.

This means that 2MMC is only used for research purposes and not for human consumption, but it can be sold. This used to be the case with 3CMC and 3MMC as well, but unfortunately this has now changed due to legislation. We at deliver your 2MMC to your home within one day.

What are 3CMC crystals?

As mentioned earlier, 3CMC crystals (and before that 3MMC) were used for various research and is recognised as a designer drug/research chemical. This means that selling and buying 3cmc is now no longer legal. Fortunately, you can still do reliable and thorough research with the substance 2MMC. 2MMC & 3-cmc are both variants of the already banned 3-mmc. Whereas 3-mmc and 3-cmc are no longer legal to buy, 2MMC still is. Therefore, 2-mmc is used as an alternative to 3-mmc and 3-cmc for research purposes.

How do you store 3CMC crystals?

3cmc crystals (and thus also 2mmc) are best stored in a dry and cool place. This way, the compounds of 3-cmc and the 2mmc remain stable for up to two years. So simply put, if you store 3-cmc and 2mmc in a cool and dry place it will stay good for up to two years.

By the way....

At it is possible to buy 2MMC in different forms? You can also buy it in powder and capsules. View our full overview to see all our products.

So order your 2-MMC crystals at Buy3MMC!

We at have the most comprehensive service. Because if you order from us today, you will have it tomorrow! Your order will be delivered in discreet packaging by PostNL to the address indicated. You used to be able to order 3mmc and 3cmc crystals in bulk from But since 3mmc and 3cmc are now no longer legal, unfortunately that is not possible. But you can still order great substances in bulk now, such as 2mmc and 3cec.

Finally, you can pay at in many different ways such as: 

  • IDeal
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Crypto

So buy your 2MMC crystals at We are the most reliable supplier with the best service and nicest prices! For questions, you can always email us or visit our live chat.


You can no longer buy 3CMC online

At, you could always buy your 3CMC in a safe and reliable way. Unfortunately, this has thus changed due to legislation. But you can still order substances for research that are almost identical. You can pay us in different ways. In this way, we make it easy for you to buy 2MMC from us, just as we did for 3CMC. You can buy 2MMC from us in several ways, including via: 

  • IDeal
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Crypto

With our fast delivery and great service, we have always made it as easy as possible for you to buy your 3CMC for research. Don't worry, because it's just as easy to order with all our other fabrics! Because if you order from us today, it will be delivered to your home tomorrow at the address you specify. Our packages are discreetly packed and delivered by PostNL.

At, we are constantly working to ensure our quality. So that when you order from us, you get the best quality of 3CMC. But this does not only apply to 3CMC or the 3MMC we sold, but to all research chemicals you can find in our assortment.

In fact, we looked at many suppliers and then compared them. This way, we have chosen the best suppliers so that you get the best quality of 2MMC gets for your research!

Note: As was the case with our 3CMC, our other research chemicals are for research purposes only and not for human consumption! Because human consumption carries the following risks:

3CMC may cause respiratory tract irritation. 3CMC may cause eye irritation. Always wear mouth and eye protection when examining with 3CMC.

We look forward to seeing your order!

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At you can buy several Research Chemicals in addition to 2MMC. These include; 2MMC, 2FDCK4FMPH and 2C-B-FLY. Take a look at us range to view all products. So order Research Chemicals from, the largest and most reliable Research Chemicals supplier in the Netherlands. We also sell Research Chemicals in bulk.

We look forward to receiving your order!

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