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Fight hangovers with our anti-hangover supplements

Did you get a little too deep into the glass yesterday? No worries! Effectively fight your hangover with our anti-hangover supplements. All the remedies we sell are carefully and extensively tested. So we can be sure that with our anti-hangover supplements, you will no longer suffer from a splitting headache. Do you secretly already know that you are going to suffer a hangover from a night out? In that case, order your anti-hangover supplement before 17:30. We will then prepare your parcel for PostNL. They will deliver your parcel the next day to the address you provided.

Why do you get a hangover? 

Almost everyone has had a hangover at one time or another. A hangover is the result of an evening of drinking too much alcohol. You may have a headache, feel nauseous or suffer from dry mouth. When you drink alcohol, the production of ADH hormones is inhibited. These hormones are responsible for body fluid retention. If these hormones are no longer produced in your body, you will start urinating out much more body fluids than necessary.  Because you urinate out your own bodily fluids, you actually dehydrate your body slowly. While you swallow litres of fluids, your body tries to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The headache you experience after a night out is therefore due to the lack of fluids. It is always wise to drink a lot of water the next day. This way, you replenish your body's fluid deficit. Your body can then recover calmly from all the alcohol it had to process the previous day.  However, alcohol is not the only substance that can give you a hangover. Popular drugs such as XTC and MDMA also take a lot out of your body. After taking these kinds of party drugs, many people experience a so-called 'Tuesday dip'. A few days after using them, you may then suffer from a gloomy mood. 

How do anti-hangover supplements work? 

Besides water, our anti-hangover supplements also help you survive your hangover. Our anti-hangover supplements are filled with all kinds of important vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals ensure that your body quickly recovers from alcohol.  Besides vitamins and minerals, anti-hangover supplements also contain other substances that will make your hangover more bearable. Take, for example, the substances 5-HTP and tryptophan. 5-HTP and tryptophan boost your serotonin levels. The serotonin boost makes you feel more cheerful and upbeat. 

What is the best way to store my anti-hangover supplements?

There are many different types of anti-hangover supplements. Some types have other specific rules for storing your product. Therefore, always check first if the packaging already has instructions on how best to store your anti-hangover supplements. If these instructions are not on the packaging, you can stick to the normal rules of thumb for storing chemicals.  It is important to keep your anti-hangover supplements dry and cool. This is because moisture and heat can affect the chemical compounds of your anti-hangover remedies. This has adverse effects on the effectiveness of your product. Therefore, make sure you store your anti-hangover supplements in a cool and dry place. 

No need for anti-hangover remedies? We sell much more!

Don't need anti-hangover remedies very much and looking for something else? We offer all kinds of different items besides anti-hangover supplements. Besides the products you may use recreationally, we also offer solutions for customers who plan to do research with substances. These are so-called research chemicals. Among other things, we sell the hugely popular fabric 2MMC. In addition to these research substances, belonging to the cathinones class, also sell other types of research chemicals.  Don't need anti-hangover remedies very much and looking for something else? We offer all kinds of different items besides anti-hangover supplements. With our Magic Truffles experience a fantastic trip. Prefer to find peace and quiet? Then take one of our CBD products. Our CBD will make you feel wonderfully relaxed. Also, the poppers that we offer fall under our relaxants. The liquid contained in our poppers will completely relax you.

We have the right antidote for every kind of hangover!

As mentioned above, there are different types of hangovers. For example, you can suffer just as much from XTC use as from a night of heavy drinking. Fortunately, we have the right anti-hangover supplement for every hangover! Not feeling well after taking party drugs? Then take our After-C anti-hangover capsules. When you take the After-C anti-hangover capsules, important vitamins are replenished and 5-HTP can help improve your mood. The substance guarana can provide you with the energy boost you need to function well the day after the party. There are four capsules in each packet, all of which you should take with a glass of water.

Anti-hangover supplements delivered to you quickly and neatly

When you buy anti-hangover supplements from us, we do our best to get your package to your home as soon as possible. As soon as you place your order, we prepare your parcel for PostNL. This way, you get your anti-hangover supplements delivered in no time. 

Get rid of your hangover as quickly as possible? Order before 17:30

Is your order in a hurry and do you want to be able to take your anti-hangover supplements as early as tomorrow? Then order before 17:30. Then we can prepare your order for PostNL on the same day. You will receive your anti-hangover remedies the very next day!

Pay for your anti-hangover supplements easily and securely 

We offer the most secure and common payment options. This makes it easy for you to checkout your anti-hangover supplements. We offer the following checkout services:
  • iDEAL
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Mastercard (Visa, American Express) 

Our customer service team answers all your questions about anti-hangover supplements 

Still have some questions about our anti-hangover remedies? Don't hesitate and ask them to our customer service. We are happy to provide additional information on our anti-hangover supplements. For general questions about our articles, you can of course also contact us.