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Buy the tastiest edibles from us!

Want to order edibles? We sell the tastiest edibles that give you a great high! Our edibles have been thoroughly tested for all kinds of characteristics and properties. Through testing, we can assure you that you can enjoy our edibles to the fullest. We sell our edibles in the form of delicious chocolate brownies with cannabis in them, among other things.  When you buy edibles from us, you pay with the safest and most reliable financial services. In addition, we always try to get your edibles to you as quickly as possible. If you order your edibles from us before 17:00, they will be delivered to your home address the very next day. Not satisfied with your product? Then you can return your item to us up to 14 days after receipt. 

Edibles is a generic term

The name edibles is actually a collective term for all kinds of different edibles that have cannabis mixed in. The best-known edibles are brownies and pastries, such as space cake. But you have a lot of other varieties of edibles besides pastries. There are also sweets and even chewing gum made with cannabis! So there are a lot of different kinds and types of edibles on the market. 

What gives edibles their effects?

Edibles get their effects from the cannabis contained in them. Cannabis is usually processed through edibles in the form of oil or butter. The cannabis, better known as cannabis, contains CBD and/or THC. CBD is a substance that calms you down. By using CBD, you feel relaxed and will suffer less from feelings of stress and anxiety. We also sell products containing only CBD, such as CBD oil or CBD crystals. THC edibles do the opposite of CBD. THC actually makes you feel a lot more upbeat and active. This substance is responsible for the 'stoned' feeling, or the 'high' you get from consuming cannabis. 

The effects of different types of edibles

Edibles can contain only CBD or THC, or both. The effects of your edibles vary from strain to strain. Some edibles contain more CBD than THC, making you feel more relaxed and less stimulated. Other edibles may again contain more THC, giving you a high.  Usually, cannabis is smoked or vaped. In the case of edibles, you eat the cannabis. Before the effects of the cannabis can kick in, your liver must first have processed the edibles. This is how it enters your bloodstream and you will start to feel the effects. This usually takes 30 minutes to 2 hours. The effects do last longer compared to inhaling cannabis. 

How do I keep my edibles good for the longest time?

The cannabis in edibles is a natural substance. If moisture or heat gets to your edibles, the structure of your edibles may start to change. This can also affect the effect of your edibles. It may happen that the effects will become a lot less strong, or may not be noticeable at all. It is therefore important that the structure of your edibles remains stable. To keep the structure stable, you will need to keep your edibles cool and dark. A good storage place, for example, is a fridge. If you decide to keep your edibles in the fridge, it is important to keep them as far away from children as possible. Because of the many different types of edibles, expiry dates can vary considerably. Always check the expiry date on the packaging. For most edibles in pastry form, you can keep them in the fridge for several weeks. 

We offer research chemicals in addition to edibles 

Are you planning to do research with research chemicals We offer high quality edibles in addition to our delicious edibles research chemicals to. Consider, for example, the hugely popular 2MMC, which is in the class of the cathinones falls. In addition to cathinones, we also offer a wide variety of fluorinated, cannabinoids and lysergamides to. Edibles are additionally not the only products we offer for recreational use. You can also relax wonderfully from our selection of CBD products! These are products that contain only CBD, allowing you to relax wonderfully. What you can also relax well from, are our poppers. Also kratom and Magic Truffles are part of our product range.

A great high from the tastiest edibles

Our edibles are extensively tested and researched by our supplier. This way, we can be sure you can enjoy a great high! Of course, it is also important that the edibles taste good. Our Purple Haze Chocolate Brownies have a delicious, rich chocolate flavour. Double the enjoyment!

Edibles delivered neatly and quickly

If you have ordered edibles, we want to make sure you can start enjoying them as soon as possible. As soon as you place your order, your parcel is neatly packed. The package is immediately prepared for the PostNL deliverers. They take your order immediately and deliver it to your home as soon as possible. You will have your edibles in no time!

Prefer to try our edibles tomorrow? Order before 17:00

Really can't wait and eager to try our delicious edibles? No worries. If you place your order before 17:00 today, you can expect your package to arrive at your home the very next day. 

Pay for your edibles with iDEAL, PayPal or other payment options

Besides getting your edibles from us as quickly as possible, we also want the payment process to be as smooth and secure as possible. That is why you can pay for your edibles with the following payment methods with us: 
  • iDEAL
  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express)
  • Bancontact

Questions about edibles or other products? Ask our customer service

Do you have any questions about our edibles, or would you like additional information about other products in our range? Feel free to ask our customer service. We know all about edibles and are happy to provide you with additional information!