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Want to buy 3MMC? Discover all the possibilities here!

If you have landed on this page, chances are you want to buy 3MMC. Unfortunately, the government decided to ban the substance 3MMC in 2021. This is very unfortunate, as it is a good substance to do scientific research with.

Luckily for you, your research need not be compromised, as there are several alternatives available that are almost the same as 3MMC. This allows you to experiment with the substance anyway, without having to buy an illegal substance. On this page we explain which legal options are available and how they are related to 3MMC. This way, you can always do your research properly.

Buying 3MMC: is it illegal now?

To get right to the point: since 2021, 3MMC has been an illegal substance in the Netherlands. Although 3MMC was an interesting substance, which has also been medically researched, the Dutch government has decided to make it illegal. This also means that we can no longer offer you 3MMC. If you necessarily want to buy 3MMC now, you would have to do so through an illegal dealer or source. Something we advise against at all times.

Moreover, you then have no guarantee of the purity and quality of the 3MMC. You could just as easily get a completely different substance. Not only is this bad for your research, but it could also be harmful substances. We at only sell substances that are completely legal in the Netherlands and urge all our customers (and readers) to do the same. This ensures that what you order, you actually receive.

The alternatives to buying 3MMC

Good. Now that you are fully aware of the legal status of 3MMC and know that you cannot buy 3MMC legally in the Netherlands, it is time to look at the alternatives. There are several choices you can make, if you were planning to buy 3MMC, but now can't. Let's look at the options below.

2MMC is most similar to 3MMC

You can easily see from the name that these substances are very similar. This is true not only in name, but also in chemical structure and effects. Of course, there are some differences between 2MMC and 3MMC. Indeed, although the substances are pretty much the same, the effects are a bit different.

What is the difference between 2MMC and 3MMC?

Both substances are research chemicals belonging to the cathinone group. The main difference between the two is the position of the methyl group on the molecule. In 2MMC, the methyl group is attached to the second carbon atom of the amine group, while in 3MMC the methyl group is attached to the third carbon atom. So the difference is really quite small.

Yet, research shows the substance has different effects in animal and human bodies. For instance, it turns out that 2MMC stimulates more strongly than 3MMC, with 3MMC actually producing a more euphoric effect. This is because 3MMC activates the serotonin receptors more than 2MMC. 2MMC, on the contrary, acts more on the dopamine receptors.

2MMC is fully legal in the Netherlands to investigate

As the title suggests, 2MMC (unlike 3MMC) is a fully legal substance in the Netherlands to research. In addition, the government has not yet announced plans to ban 2MMC. As a result, you can in all likelihood still get the best 2MMC Buy to do great research with it!

Buy 3MMC

3CEC is a substance very similar to 3MMC

This research chemical is very similar to 3MMC. You will already be able to tell from the name that 3CEC and 3MMC are 'related' to each other, so to speak. It is a substance that gives a slightly more stimulant-like effect than 2MMC, 3MMC and 3CMC. But what exactly are the differences?

What is the difference between 3CEC and 3MMC

As mentioned earlier, 3CEC is much more of a stimulant than 3MMC. Because it acts on slightly different receptors, users mention that it is more uplifting but less euphoric than its other relatives. Nevertheless, it is a good substance to conduct research with. This is because 3CEC is also a well-known research chemical, of which a lot is already known. Thus, you can easily extend your research with all kinds of existing studies and even people's experience reports.

3CMC is another substance very similar to 3MMC

As you might infer from the name, 3CMC is a substance very similar to 3MMC. You could even say it is pretty much the same. This is because the structure of 3MMC and 3CMC is virtually the same, but only a few molecules have changed, making it considered a new substance according to Dutch law.

What is the difference between 3MMC and 3CMC?

3CMC is just slightly milder than 3MMC in terms of effect. It entered the Dutch market back in 2014, but because it was just slightly weaker than 3MMC, it was a lot less popular. With the ban on 3MMC, its popularity has soared. This is because researchers, but it seems recreational users too, are looking for a substance with the same effects as the now-banned 3MMC.

Is 3CMC fully legal?

Unfortunately, 3CMC has also recently been banned by the government. This is very unfortunate as it was a highly valued substance by many researchers who buy from us. Fortunately, we have several other excellent alternatives that are very similar in chemical structure to 3CMC and 3MMC. So although 3MMC's little brother has also been banned by the government, you still have ample choice to explore the rest of the 3MMC family.

Buy other alternatives to 3MMC

The two substances we described above are most similar to 3MMC in structure. But there are plenty of other substances we sell that you can use in your research as a good alternative to 3MMC. While these are slightly more different in structure from 3MMC, they can still produce the effect you want to induce in your research.

If you want to see our research chemical page visits, you will see that there are many other legal options you can properly research. Finally, we would like to reiterate that we do not sell the substances to our customers with the intention of recreational use. Although many of the substances have been the subject of medical research, often showing many benefits for depression, for instance, the research chemicals we use are not (yet) approved by the EMA.

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