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Buy Xanax? Find legal alternatives here

Xanax is a benzodiazepine (also known as benzo) known all over the world for its benefits. It is a strong anxiety suppressant and also a great sleep medication for millions of people worldwide. But it is not legally available for sale without a prescription. And it is also a drug that you don't just get from your doctor.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that work just as well like Xanax, but are legal. By legal, however, we mean legal to order and research, but not to use yourself. So if you are curious about Xanax or alternatives, look no further. You have come to the right place!

Buying Xanax: find legal alternatives

If you want to buy Xanax without a prescription, you will have to turn to drug dealers or rogue websites of which there are no reviews and which do not have a Chamber of Commerce number. Moreover, you are not assured of shipping or that you will receive your product at all. Therefore, buying other benzos legally is a better and safer alternative.

What are the alternatives?

On our site, you will find many alternatives that are very similar to Xanax. We will discuss some substances below so that you can make a good choice from the large selection on our website.


Fanax is a drug very similar in structure to Xanax. Hence its name. Its full name is Flubrotizolam. It has become incredibly popular in recent years as an alternative to Xanax and as a research chemical. It is a synthetic drug that has very high sedation compared to other benzos, just like Xanax itself. If you are planning to do research with a legal product that is most similar to Xanax, your best bet is to buy Fanax.


One of our other bestsellers is the fabric Pyrazolam. It differs from other benzos in that it is more of a pure anxiety suppressant than other drugs. This makes it very interesting to research. Incidentally, there are also many recreational users voicing their opinions about Pyrazolam on forums.

Although our products may only be used for research purposes, this gives you the opportunity to already do some research of your own on the possible effects of Pyrazolam. You can also find several clinical studies where they have used the drug on both humans and animals. The nice thing about Pyrazolam is that it is a well-known substance that has been around for decades. As a result, you can safely do thorough research with it.


This is a lesser-known benzo in our range. This is partly because it is just slightly newer than some other benzos, such as Pyrazolam and Bromazolam. However, this says nothing about the drug's effects. Besides, when you buy benzos from, you can be sure that they always contain the right amount and are 100% pure. We test all our products extensively. So if you want to buy a lesser-known xanax alternative, such as Norflurazepam, you can do this with peace of mind.


Bromazolam is one of the most well-known and best-selling designer benzos in our range. Bromazolam has also been studied for many years and there are even people who have done self-experiments with it. They report that it gives a fine intoxication and totally relaxes the body. It is reportedly less anxiety-inhibiting than Pyrazolam, for instance, but actually gives more of a 'high'. You can also find plenty of clinical data with this benzo, as the drug has been extensively tested on both humans and animals. This means you can confidently conduct your own experiment in a clinical setting.

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Buy Xanax: other alternatives available too

These are not yet all the benzos we have available in our wide range. Therefore, be sure to visit our website and the benzodiazepines page to get a better view of all our legal benzos. You will see that there are an immense number of options. But we do want to reiterate that the substances are intended for research and not for human consumption. This is because the benzos we sell are not registered in the Netherlands as medication and if you want to use benzos yourself because you have a medical need, we advise you to visit a doctor.

Do you want to buy Xanax because you want to research this? Then we will be very happy to help you! You can also take a look at our other legal substances you can use for your research. Such as our research chemicals, including the popular 2MMC and 3CMC.

Should you have any questions about any of our products, you can of course simply contact our customer service team. We promise to help you as quickly as possible with all your questions or comments.

In addition, we always make sure you receive your parcel quickly. We send our products via PostNL with a track & trace system, so you will often receive it the very next day. Great if you can't wait to start your research, of course!

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