Laboratory tested
We sell only the highest quality. We are constantly looking for the best suppliers. Our products are also laboratory-tested, so we can guarantee high quality.

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(1) From: 38,95 From: 33,11 stands for safe, reliable with great service. We only sell research chemicals/designers drugs of the highest quality and therefore carefully choose our suppliers. So that you get the best quality and results for your research. We strive for the best and we are constantly working on it. For now, you can order 3CMC from our shop in three different variants, but there will be more in the future. At you can buy 3CMC in the form of powder, crystals and capsules.
Caution! These products are not intended for human consumption!

3CMC Powder
3CMC powder is the finest variant of all. This is because it is finely ground from the crystal variety. This way, the 3MMC is as soft as icing sugar for your examination.

3CMC Crystals
The 3MMC crystal variety is the somewhat harder variation than the powder. It can be compared to granulated sugar and is most commonly used for investigations.

3CMC Capsules
Most people use capsules for their research if they want a precise dosage. This is because the capsules contain 3CMC crystals that have been weighed out precisely beforehand. This way, you have exactly the right number of grams of crystals for your research.

Research Chemicals Buy
In addition to 3CMC, we sell the following Research Chemicals:

Quickly before it's too late!
It is officially known that the government wants to make groups of designer drugs/research chemicals illegal by 2022. One of the groups includes 3CMC. So order 3CMC for your research quickly before it is too late.

I want to buy in bulk
Want to buy more than the usual 3CMC in one go? You can! Then contact us by calling +31 6 17381059 and together we will make sure you get exactly what you want. And you can then pay with us using the following payment methods:


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