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Pentedrone (NEP) Powder

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Order high quality Pentedrone (NEP) from us

Are you looking for the best quality Pentedrone for your research? With us, you can order high-quality Pentedrone at an economical price. We have all our products carefully tested. We check all research chemicals for purity and quality. This way, we can be sure that there are no impurities in your product. We ensure high quality substances, so you can start doing research without any problems!

Need Pentedrone fast? Then make sure you submit your order before 17:30. We will then arrange for you to receive your parcel the very next day! Because selling research chemicals is allowed in the Netherlands, you will receive your parcel via PostNL. It will be delivered to your home address. No need to pick up your parcel somewhere. To make your customer experience even better, you pay with iDEAL, PayPal and other payment methods known to you.

What exactly is Pentedrone (NEP)?

Pentedrone, also known as NEP, is a research chemical that falls under the subgroup synthetic cathinones. These are drugs manufactured by researchers in a lab. The name cathinone comes from the name of the qat plant. This is a plant that grows in the climates of East Africa and the Middle East. The qat plant contains a certain substance that has a stimulating effect. This substance is therefore the active ingredient in amphetamines. Using Pentedrone makes your body produce more dopamine. This is a so-called feel-good hormone, which makes you feel happier. According to online studies, using Pentedrone therefore makes you more alert, happy and active.

What is Pentedrone (NEP) used for?

Pentedrone is used to conduct research. The same rules apply to this designer drug as the other substances covered by research chemicals. You may only use these research chemicals for research purposes. It is therefore forbidden to take Pentedrone for fun. Dutch legislation currently allows you to buy and sell research chemicals, in the name of science. Because Pentedrone is considered a research chemical, it is therefore allowed to be bought and sold. However, the rules governing this do change repeatedly and regularly.

How should I store my Pentedrone (NEP)?

For Pentedrone and all other designer drugs, it is important that you keep your product sealed and cool. By keeping Pentedrone sealed, you ensure that virtually no heat can get to your product. Heat reduces the lifespan of your product. High temperatures affect the internal structure of Pentedrone, which can reduce its effects and lower its quality.

Want to make sure your Pentedrone remains usable for a long time? Then store it in a storage box or cupboard, for example. These are sealed places that stay dark and cool. This way, you can be sure that your Pentedrone does not deteriorate in quality. You can then do 2 years with your product without the effects diminishing.

We sell more than just Pentedrone (NEP)

Pentedrone is just one variant of the synthetic cathinones we offer. Our range is a lot bigger than just Pentedrone. We also sell other types of synthetic cathinones, such as Eutylone (ED-BD), 3CMC and 5MMPA. We also offer you different forms of research chemicals, such as crystals or capsules. Besides synthetic cathinones, we offer all kinds of other research chemicals. Take our range of lysergamides. These are research chemicals that have more psychedelic effects.


In addition to the range of research chemicals, we also offer you chemicals that are legal to use recreationally. Among others, we also sell poppers, CBD products and Magic Truffles. Our poppers are available in different quantities. Want a more detailed overview of the items we have? Then visit our product page!


Buy Reliable Pentedrone (NEP)

Do you want to conduct research with research chemicals like Pentedrone? Then it is important to make sure you get the best quality. Other companies import your product from abroad. Then, without conducting any tests, it is sent to you in one go. So there is no check for possible impurities. As a result, your Pentedrone could be a lot less pure, which could have adverse effects on your research. This is why we test all our products extensively for quality. Before your order is dispatched, your Pentedrone has already been extensively analysed and you can be sure that it does not contain any junk. This way, you can conduct more accurate research and don't have to worry about anything going wrong!

Ordering Pentedrone (NEP) safely and easily

With us, you can pay using the usual payment methods. By making these methods available to you, you can place your order with us without hassle. PayPal, for example, also offers you buyer protection. This allows you to pay securely online and get your money back if something has gone wrong. Don't have PayPal? Then check out the other options we have here:


  • iDEAL
  • PayPal
  • Bancontact
  • Credit card (Mastercard, American Express, VIsa)


Pentedrone (NEP) bought before 17:30, will be delivered tomorrow

If you order your Pentedrone from us before 17:30, you will receive it the next day. Handy, if you can't wait long to do your research! We make sure your Pentedrone is delivered to your home quickly and neatly. Selling research chemicals in the Netherlands is legal. Therefore, you will receive your Pentedrone via PostNL.

Questions about Pentedrone (NEP)? Feel free to ask us

Do you still have any questions about your product? Then it's a good idea to put them to our customer service team. This is because substances like Pentedrone and other research chemicals are relatively new chemicals. They are designer drugs about which not everything is known yet. We already know a lot about the effects, but not exactly how the mechanisms behind the action work. This is still the subject of research. So don't hesitate and contact our customer service! We are happy to help answer your question.

Hazard warning

  • Pentedrone (NEP) can cause respiratory irritation.
  • Pentedrone (NEP) may cause eye irritation.


Safety marking

Keep research chemicals away from heat / sparks / open flames / hot surfaces.

  • Store research chemicals in tightly closed packaging and out of reach of children and animals!
  • ON CONTACT OF Pentedrone (NEP) WITH EYES: rinse gently with water for several minutes; remove contact lenses, if possible; continue rinsing.
  • ON CONTACT OF Pentedrone (NEP) WITH SKIN: wash with soap and water. Avoid inhalation of dust / fumes / gas / mist / vapour / spray of Pentedrone.
  • AFTER INHALATION OF Pentedrone (NEP): remove victim to fresh air and allow to rest in a position that facilitates breathing. If the victim remains unwell consult an ANTIGIFCENTRUM or doctor immediately.
Number of grams:

1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams

59 reviews for Pentedrone (NEP) Poeder

  1. Marine L. (Verified) -

    Top top top!!!

  2. Lukasz (Verified) -

    Czas pokaze

  3. Antonios Koukourakis (Verified) -


  4. Petr (Verified) -

    We love to do research with this substance

  5. Anonymous (Verified) -

    Fast delivery

  6. Philippe CRAVO (Verified) -

    Vraiment génial, bonne montée avec une première prise de 0,25/0,30g tient bien dans la durée il suffit de prendre des petites doses toutes les 60 ou 90 mn et pour ma part très bonne descente également
    pour moi c'est un produit top et en plus il vous détruit pas le nez.
    Et en slam c'est de la bombe
    Je recommande.

  7. Christian ELIE (Verified) -

    Livraison à temps sans problème je teste ce nouveau produit (NEP) En mélangeant 1/3 de NEP et 2/3 de 2mmc on se rapproche de la 3. Vous me direz votre ressenti si vous le fait.
    Bon voyage

  8. Anonymat (Verified) -

    Good quality

  9. Anonyme (Verified) -

    Good product

  10. Anonymous (Verified) -


  11. lukasz g. (Verified) -


  12. Ellen (Verified) -

    Top stuff, super satisfied.

  13. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    After several tests, a combination is better with this product .

  14. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    After several test,s it turns out that it can work very well if you don't take too much

  15. Esther (Verified) -

    works best for me

  16. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    After some testing, this is energising and even pain relieving, which I did not expect. So positive about this product.

  17. Nathan J. (Verified) -

    Good quality fast delivery

  18. Christian E. (Verified) -

    Bon produit mélangé avec 2mmc (2/3) cool effet bon produits ici

  19. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    After several tests, it appears to work well

  20. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    After several tests, appears to work well.

  21. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Experiences after several tests are very good. So highly recommended

  22. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Works well. Highly recommended

  23. Anonymous (Verified) -


  24. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    After testing, I can pass on that this product works fine

  25. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    This one, if you have found the right dose for yourself gives a lot of energy

  26. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    works well

  27. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Very good.

  28. lukasz g. (Verified) -


  29. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Is fine product

  30. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Good experience highly recommended

  31. Anonymous (Verified) -


  32. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Good experiences with this product. Highly recommended

  33. Stefan (Verified) -

    We and my friends love it, its an own kind of dopain rush wich is very nice.

  34. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    works well. Highly recommended

  35. Anonyme (Verified) -


  36. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    works very well and fast

  37. Anonyme (Verified) -

    Envoi rapide, produit de qualité

  38. lukasz (Verified) -


  39. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Very satisfied with the performance of this product. Highly recommended

  40. Filippo Di Giugno (Verified) -


  41. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Works well

  42. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Works well and meets description

  43. Anonyme (Verified) -


  44. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Very good, so hopefully they will get a replacement product from this one.

  45. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    just right

  46. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    works as described

  47. Hugo C. (Verified) -

    Very interesting product, specialy if you like coca cola, less corporal stress an a comedown relativity light.

  48. Christophe Haegeman (Verified) -

    Packaging could be slightly more discreet. Nothing to say about the product

  49. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    fine product and works as described.

  50. Anonyme (Verified) -

    Good product

  51. Александр Кватра (Verified) -

    Bonjour je très satisfait votre site et livraison rapide et sécurisé
    Je vous donne 5 étoile bravo

  52. Karine Liegeois (Verified) -


  53. Cylia (Verified) -

    Perfect product, even better than expected! Thanks 🙏🏼

  54. Anonymous (Verified) -


  55. Anonyme (Verified) -

    Trop forte

  56. Anonymous (Verified) -


  57. Philippe (Verified) -

    Pour moi ayant essayé plusieurs produits tel que 3-MMA 2MMC 2-FMA ( déception total pour en particulier 3-MMA 2-FMA )
    NEP est pour ce qui me concerne le plus polyvalent et le plus performant de tous.
    Ses qualités sont multiples aussi bien dans mes expériences et particulièrement sur la durée.
    Pour l'instant et je l'espère pour longtemps Koop3mmc restera mon fournisseur le plus compétent et le plus respectueux pour ses engagements.

  58. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    works as described.

  59. Kristof l. (Verified) -

    Nep is nog te doen

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