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Order the very best 2CMC at 

Are you looking for high-quality 2CMC that you can use for scientific purposes? Then you have come to the right place at We sell the best quality 2CMC you can find on the market. All our research chemicals are thoroughly tested and purified of possible undesirable substances. This is how we keep the purest 2CMC that you can do fantastic research with. 

Buying 2CMC is perfectly legal in the Netherlands. If you order your 2CMC from us before 18:00, you will receive your package the very next day. So you can immediately start your research on 2CMC. 

What is 2CMC?

As mentioned earlier, 2CMC is a so-called research chemical. Research chemicals are substances used to conduct research. Other substances covered by research chemicals are Pentedrone, 3MMA or 5MMPA. On our website, you can order a lot of other research chemicals besides these substances. View here the full review.

2CMC is a research chemical that falls under the category of cathinones. Cathinones are substances similar in effect to cathinone, the active ingredient in khat. By chewing the leaves of this plant, you can experience an effect similar to afmetamine. Cathinones like 2CMC therefore have similar effects.

What may research chemicals like 2CMC be used for?

2CMC is a substance that should only be used for scientific research. This is because 2CMC is a relatively unknown substance for which little research has been done. The Dutch authorities therefore consider it a dangerous substance that you should not use just like that. 

When you order 2CMC from us, we therefore assume that you will use it for a study or research. Taking 2CMC for recreation is prohibited. Stick to the rules and use your 2CMC wisely. 

2CMC experiences 

Despite being a research chemical, 2CMC is commonly used. On the internet, online users write about their 2CMC experiences. 

First, users experience a boost in energy. They generally feel sharper, fitter and more energetic. This is often accompanied by a feeling of happiness. 

The effect of 2CMC is described by these users as similar to 2MMC and 3MMC. 

Buy 2CMC 

Buying 2CMC and other research chemicals is legal in the Netherlands for now. However, the relevant regulations change regularly. Read up on what you can and cannot do with your 2CMC.

When you order your 2CMC from us, you can be sure that you are getting a top-quality research chemical. As soon as we receive our 2CMC, we have it extensively tested in the lab. We check for contaminants and filter them out. Only the purest and most powerful 2CMC remains. 

We don't just sell 2CMC 

The 2CMC we sell is only a small part of our extensive range. We sell all kinds of research chemicals that vary in composition and effect. At you are guaranteed to find the research chemical you are looking for for your research. 

In addition to research chemicals, we also sell fabrics that are intended for personal use. Take our collection of Magic Truffles. Consuming these truffles makes for a fantastic trip full of colourful patterns. 

Looking for something soothing? Then our CBD products perfect for relaxing. These items, ranging from sweets to oils, will provide a wonderful calming experience. 

Ordering 2CMC

Ordering 2CMC is quick and easy with us. As soon as you have placed your order, we will start preparing your order. We carefully pack your 2CMC and prepare your order for the PostNL postal workers. They will take your package and deliver your 2CMC as soon as possible to the address you provided. 

Are you in a hurry and need your 2CMC quickly? Then make sure you submit your order to us before 18:00. This way, we can immediately hand your package over to PostNL and you can expect your order at home the next day. Your research will then not be unnecessarily delayed, so you can start immediately.

Order your 2CMC today at and start your research as soon as possible. 

Other questions about 2CMC? Contact our customer service team 

2CMC is a relatively unknown substance about which little scientific literature has been written. Therefore, it is natural that you may still sometimes have questions about 2CMC. If you want to know more about 2CMC, it is best to contact oour customer service. We can help you further with your questions about 2CMC. Do not hesitate to contact us and get the best possible information. That way you can start your research safely and confidently. 

Frequently asked questions about 2CMC  

Below, we have highlighted some frequently asked questions about 2MMC.

How can I legally buy 2CMC? 

Buying 2CMC through is perfectly legal. With us, you can buy legal 2CMC of the best quality. With our competitive prices, we offer a top quality research chemical that you cannot find anywhere else. At Koop3MMC you order top quality legal 2CMC. 

What is the difference between 2CMC and 2MMC? 

2CMC and 2MMC are very similar in their effects and name. The substances are often confused with each other. They are also both synthetic cathinones. Yet there is an important difference in the compounds' compositions. 

The difference between 2CMC and 2MMC is in the molecules contained in the substances. In 2CMC, a certain atom has been replaced by a chlorine atom. This change creates a different substance, 2CMC. Because the change is very small, the action of 2CMC remains very similar to that of 2MMC. 

What is the best way to store my 2CMC?

If you are planning to start a long-term research project, it is very important that you store your 2CMC properly. Storing your 2CMC properly will keep its composition intact and allow you to continue your research with peace of mind. 

Firstly, it is important to store your 2CMC dark and cool. By keeping your 2CMC dark, the structure cannot be affected by sunlight. In addition, keeping it cool ensures that the 2CMC cannot get hot. Temperature can also negatively affect the structure of your 2CMC. 

Secondly, we strongly recommend storing your 2CMC in a closed place. This way, no moisture can get to your research chemical either. 

If you store your 2CMC in the above manner, you can be sure that you will be able to get several years ahead with your 2CMC.