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3-FPM 60mg Pellets

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The best 3-FPM can be found here

We sell the purest 3-FPM for your research! Our 3-FPM is extensively and accurately tested beforehand. It is expertly checked whether there are any contaminations or impurities throughout the product. If this is the case, these are removed. This is how the purest 3-FPM remains. We make sure you can explore with the best and purest 3-FPM.


Ordering 3-FPM from us before 17:00 means you will receive it the next day. If you buy it before this time, we can pass the package straight on to PostNL. They will make sure you get your parcel on your doormat in no time. So you can start your experiment as soon as possible.


What effect does 3-FPM have

In terms of structure, 3-FPM is very similar to amphetamines. This type of drug also includes, for example, such well-known substances as MDMA and speed. The effect of 3-FPM is therefore similar to that of amphetamines. However, the possible side effects of using 3-FPM, such as insomnia and nervousness, are a lot less than other designer drugs, according to a large number of online studies. Therefore, 3-FPM is also considered a study drug or focus enhancer.


3-FPM is part of the fluorinated. Fluorinated drugs are a subset of the larger group of research chemicals. These are drugs, which should only be consumed for research purposes. Another popular subgroup of designer drugs are the cathinones. These are enormously similar to the fluorinated ones in their effects. The internal structure makes the difference between the two groups. In drugs that fall under the fluorinated ones, a hydrogen atom has been replaced by a fluorine atom. This causes the compounds to have a slightly different structure from cathinones.


What to watch out for when using 3-FPM

So, as mentioned earlier, 3-FPM is a research chemical. Research chemicals are substances that should only be consumed for research purposes. In the Netherlands, it is completely legal to sell 3-FPM. Research chemicals can be bought and sold. That is why you can order 3-FPM from us. However, you should not use 3-FPM for your own pleasure. Keep in mind that laws on research chemicals change regularly. So it may happen that the regulations will be different in a few months' time.


How to keep my 3-FPM as long as possible

Of course, it is convenient to store your 3-FPM properly. This way, your product will last the longest and you won't have to worry about the effects becoming milder. There are a number of rules that your storage place must comply with. The most important rule is that the storage place must be well sealed. This also satisfies the other rules. The place where you store your 3-FPM must be dark, dry and cool. This way, no heat can get to your product.


Heat can cause the internal connections of the 3-FPM to be damaged. This reduces the quality of your product and weakens its effect. Besides heat, it is also important that no moisture can mix with your 3-FPM. This process creates harmful vapours that are bad for your lungs. So make sure your 3-FPM is stored properly sealed. If you store it this way, you can be sure that your 3-FPM will stay good for a few years.


What else we offer besides 3-FPM

3-FPM is a variant of the fluorinated class. But we do not only have 3-FPM to offer. With us, you can choose from a lot more variants, such as 3MMA and 2-FMA. Are you looking for other types of research chemicals? Then you can also come to us. Besides fluorinated chemicals, we also offer designer drugs such as cathinones, cannabinoids and lysergamides.


Apart from the above research chemicals, you can also buy from us benzodiazepines ordering. You can choose from variants such as Bromazolam, Flubromazepam, Gidazepam and much more. Would you prefer something you can legally use yourself? Then try one of our poppers! The poppers contain a liquid with a powerful, intoxicating effect. Curious about our entire range? Then take a look here all products.


We offer the purest 3-FPM

If you are going to do research with designer drugs, you want to make sure you are working with the right quality substances. If your 3-FPM is not completely pure, it means it contains other substances. These could be harmful substances or other research chemicals. Your research may go differently than you would have liked because of this. For example, you may get milder or different effects because of the impurities in your product.


Before you open your package, your 3-FPM has already been extensively tested for all kinds of qualities and properties. We have the product checked for purity and carefully check that all contaminations and impurities have been removed from the 3-FPM. With our 3-FPM, you can be sure you have good quality in your home!


Many satisfied customers already bought 3-FPM

A good customer experience is very important to us. That is why we do our utmost to deliver a high-quality product to you. This also includes the right service. We pack your order neatly and deliver it to your address as soon as possible. This is done via PostNL.


We also want you to checkout online safely and conveniently. To make payment as smooth as possible, we offer the following payment options:


  • PayPal
  • iDEAL
  • Bancontact
  • Credit card (American Express, Mastercard, Visa)


Purchased before 17:00 = delivered tomorrow

Need your 3-FPM as soon as possible? Then order before 17:00. Then we will prepare your parcel for PostNL the same day!


Any questions? Get in touch with us

It is important to read up well if you are going to do research with research chemicals. The effects of the most popular research chemicals have been fairly well researched. Still, the whole picture of all possible effects and side effects is not yet 100% clear. Therefore, we understand if you still have some questions about 3-FPM or other research chemicals. Do not be afraid and ask them to our customer service. We have been working with designer drugs for years and can tell you more about them. We are always ready to give additional explanations!


Hazard warning

  • 3-FPM pellets can cause respiratory tract irritation.
  • 3-FPM pellets can cause eye irritation.


Safety marking

  • Keep research chemicals away from heat / sparks / open flames / hot surfaces.
  • Store research chemicals in tightly closed packaging and out of reach of children and animals!
  • ON CONTACT OF 3-FPM pellets WITH EYES: rinse gently with water for several minutes; remove contact lenses, if possible; continue rinsing.
  • ON CONTACT OF 3-FPM pellets WITH SKIN: wash with soap and water. Avoid inhalation of dust / fumes / gas / mist / vapour / spray of 3-FPM.
  • AFTER INHALATION OF 3-FPM pellets: remove victim to fresh air and rest in a position that facilitates breathing. If the victim remains unwell consult an ANTIGIFCENTRUM or doctor immediately.








Number of pellets:

5 pellets, 10 pellets, 20 pellets, 50 pellets, 100 pellets

46 reviews for 3-FPM 60mg Pellets

  1. florian (Verified) -

    very goood effect against anxity

  2. Anonymous (Verified) -


  3. Anonymous (Verified) -


  4. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -


  5. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Work well and are always on time and respect the buyers which is very important to me

  6. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    SUPER for extra energy Very fast delivery and are always available via their chat

  7. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    This product is perfect for a night out and you want to party a bit longer, the fatigue is gone almost immediately so you have a lot of fun and enjoyment for a longer time ;-)

  8. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Is perfect if you still want to celebrate or need energy for something else they deliver it super fast and are always available and if there is a problem , solve it immediately. D 3-FPM Pellets also have no unpleasant side effects when they have worn off too.

  9. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    These3=PFM pellets give me extra energy to carry on with parties or other fun activities like a children's birthday that you really don't want 😉 . For me, it works very well.

  10. Danielle D. (Verified) -

    Work fine. Are always neatly packed and on time. Always friendly and can be trusted.

  11. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Just super and no stress about whether it will be delivered or not. Is always good

  12. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Reliable and fast delivery and long operation

  13. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Gives extra energy when I need t , super

  14. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Super fast delivery and super satisfied

  15. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -


  16. David (Verified) -

    Very good

  17. Sergio M. (Verified) -


  18. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    always delivered quickly and works well

  19. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    works fine and delivered quickly

  20. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Much more energy and Team is reliable and fast with sending chosen products .

  21. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -


  22. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Good choice, and Team works fast and delivers quickly

  23. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Good product and fast delivery

  24. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Works fine and fast delivery

  25. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Very fast delivery and works very well

  26. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Really fast shipping and tested, works well

  27. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Tests were/are hell positive and fast shipping. You also get a quick response to questions and they are always friendly and helpful.

  28. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Tests are positive and fast shipping

  29. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Tested and if you need an energy boost, this is definitely recommended and fast shipping.

  30. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    for energy testing fine choice

  31. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Through these pellets, enough energy to party

  32. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Gives good energy that I need to stay independent with my disability. So I have to ask for less help. Even when it wears off, I am not extra tired

  33. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Gives the energy described. Good product.

  34. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Good for extra energy. Good product

  35. Tomas M. (Verified) -


  36. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    works well.

  37. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    works well and works for a long time

  38. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Very satisfied with the result of this product. Works very well and for a long time.

  39. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Works very well. I'm glad I chose this one.

  40. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Works perfectly

  41. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Tests are positive. Meets expectations

  42. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    excellent product

  43. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Great product, highly recommended. It helps me as a disabled person who tires easily to enjoy the day instead of lying in bed.

  44. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    After testing, there are only positive reactions. So highly recommended

  45. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    meets the described effect of this product very well

  46. Anonymous (Verified) -


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