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6-APB (Benzofury) Powder

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Buy top quality 6-APB from us

Are you a researcher in need of high quality 6-APB? We offer the best 6-APB that has been extensively tested for purity and quality. Before your product is packaged, all impurities are filtered out of the substance. This way, only the purest 6-APB remains. With our quality 6-APB, you can start your research worry-free.

If you buy €75 worth of products from us, you get free delivery. In addition, we always try to get your package to your home as quickly as possible. You really can't wait and would prefer to examine it tomorrow? Then order before 17:00. Then your 6-APB will be on your doorstep less than 24 hours later. We also offer the safest and easiest payment options, such as PayPal and iDEAL.


6-APB has MDMA-like effects

6-APB, also known as Benzofuran, is a research chemical belonging to the benzofuran class. These are a certain type of research chemicals developed as an alternative to MDMA. Other variants of benzofuran include 3-APB or 4-APB.

6-APB is thus manufactured to mimic the effects of MDMA. Logically, therefore, the effects of these two substances are very similar. Online reports state that using 6-APB makes you more cheerful, social and active. It also reduces anxiety.


Buy 6-APB for research

We are only allowed to buy and sell 6-APB if the consumption is used for research. So you may only order 6-APB from us if you intend to do research with it. Using it for your own amusement is not allowed. Because 6-APB is a research chemical, we are legally allowed to buy and sell it.

It may happen, however, that 6-APB will be put on the Opium list in a few months. These classifications change often and quickly. Therefore, inform yourself well if you decide to buy a research chemical.

How to best store 6-APB

Most research chemicals are subject to pretty much the same rules of storage. This is also the case for 6-APB. Try to keep your 6-APB as cool as possible. Think of a place with little sunlight, such as a resealable plastic bag or a chest of drawers. This is because too much heat affects the internal compounds of your 6-APB. Like almost any other chemical, heat can change its structure. This can create different, unwanted effects or reduce the usual effects. Of course, you do not want this to happen. Make sure you store your 6-APB in as cool and dark a place as possible. It is also important to keep your product out of the reach of children and pets. If you store your 6-APB as described above, it will last at least one and a half to two years.


6-APB is part of our much larger product range

Apart from ordering 6-APB from us, our range includes a lot more different research chemicals. We also offer cathinones to, such as 3CMC and 2MMC. Besides cathinones, you can also find all kinds of different variants lysergamides and fluorinated buy from us. We offer more than enough fabrics to do good research with.

If you want to try something that you can consume for your own pleasure, you can also come to us. We offer all kinds of Magic Truffles on. Each strain has its own unique effects. Using Magic Truffles will make you hallucinate and experience a fantastic trip! Looking for something else? Check out our full product overview here.


Many customers are happy with their 6-APB

We strive to give you the best customer experience. If you order items worth more than 75 euros, we will cover the delivery costs. We always try to deliver your order as fast as possible. As soon as you have purchased 6-APB from us, we pack your product neatly. Then we immediately prepare it for the PostNL postal workers. You can pay with the most common payment methods:

  • iDEAL
  • PayPal
  • Bancontact
  • Credit card (Mastercard, American Express, Visa)

Besides an efficient ordering process, we also like to be transparent about the quality of our product. In doubt? Read what our customers think of our 6-APB.


Start exploring right away? Order your 6-APB before 17:00

Can't your research wait long? Then order your 6-APB before 17:00! We will prepare your order for PostNL the same day. You can then expect to receive your package the very next day.


We only sell the best 6-APB

Before you open your package, your 6-APB has already been extensively checked, examined and inspected. It is checked that your product is the right quality. All possible impurities are removed, leaving only the best 6-APB. Only then is the product put on sale. If the product does not meet the quality requirements, we do not sell it. This way, we make sure that you can proceed with top-quality 6-APB. With our 6-APB, you do not have to worry about your research.


Questions about 6-APB? We have years of experience with research chemicals

6-APB is a research chemical that first hit the market in 2010. In the 13 years that 6-APB has been around, there has been no thorough research on this substance. The effects of using 6-APB are known, but the mechanisms behind the effects remain unclear for now. Therefore, we are not at all surprised if you have a question about 6-APB or other research chemicals. Feel free to send them to our customer service. We have years of experience with research chemicals. We will try to help you the best we can!


Hazard warning

  • 6-APB can cause respiratory irritation.
  • 6-APB may cause eye irritation.


Safety marking

  • Keep research chemicals away from heat / sparks / open flames / hot surfaces.
  • Store research chemicals in tightly closed packaging and out of reach of children and animals!
  • ON CONTACT OF 6-APB WITH EYES: rinse gently with water for several minutes; remove contact lenses, if possible; continue rinsing.
  • ON CONTACT OF 6-APB WITH SKIN: wash with soap and water. Avoid inhalation of dust / fumes / gas / mist / vapour / spray of 6-APB.
  • AFTER INHALATION OF 6-APB: remove victim to fresh air and rest in a position that facilitates breathing. If the victim remains unwell consult an ANTIGENIC CENTRE or doctor immediately.



Number of grams:

0.5 grams, 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, 50 grams

35 reviews for 6-APB (Benzofury) Poeder

  1. Anonymous -

    Fine stuff!

  2. Anonymous -


  3. Anonymous -

    good and (as promised) fast service.

  4. Anonymous -

    Prodotto di alta qualità... Fa bene il suo Dovere.

  5. Anonymous -

    Super relaxed and good to combine with keta or GHB and kamagra just works

  6. Anonymous -

    Super relaxed and good to combine with keta or GHB and kamagra just works

  7. Anonymous -

    Super relaxed and good to combine with keta or GHB and kamagra just works

  8. Anonymous -

    Good stuff

  9. Anonymous -

    Truly a top supplier

  10. Anonymous -

    Truly a top supplier

  11. Anonymous -

    Truly a top supplier

  12. Anonymous -

    Experience is top notch!!!

  13. Anonymous -

    Experience is top notch!!!

  14. Anonymous -

    Experience is top notch!!!

  15. Hans (Verified) -

    Fast and correct delivery

  16. Anonymous (Verified) -

    Very strong. Start with 25-50 mg. Lasts 8-10 hours and should be consumed well before bedtime. Mild psychedelic and visual effects.

  17. Jean- (Verified) -

    Excellent produit

  18. Stijn v. (Verified) -

    Pure and pure top quality

  19. Anonymous (Verified) -

    Colourful results

  20. Anonymous (Verified) -

    The best

  21. Anonymous (Verified) -

    Didn't like

  22. Ognyan Petrov (Verified) -

    Excellent quality, I will buy again!

  23. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Having done tests definitely worth a try.

  24. Jorge Moreno (Verified) -

    Aún no me ha llegado pero suelo comprar en esta página y se garantiza calidad

  25. Stijn (Verified) -

    The best

  26. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    Stopped after several tests. In testing, the experience was that it is as pungent as pepper powder. So I could not do any tests regarding the efficacy of this product.

  27. Anonyme (Verified) -

    To try

  28. Danielle van Deuveren (Verified) -

    New to me and works well

  29. Emeric (Verified) -

    Très sérieux et de bons conseils quand on a une question. Je recommande à 100%

  30. Andrei D. (Verified) -

    Very good product! Recommend!

  31. Anonymous (Verified) -

    Nice research 🧐

  32. Antonio R. (Verified) -

    Hight quality

  33. Nicolae G. (Verified) -


  34. Josef (Verified) -


  35. Emeric (Verified) -


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